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* Shows with a * will be attended by Griffin Coins / Portsmouth Square Company



*June 14-16, 2018: Long Beach Coin show, Convention Center

​*June 22-23, 2018: Concord Coin Show, Clarion Hotel

​*June 30-July 1, 2018: Stanislaus County Coin Club Show, Modesto, CA

​*July 28-29, 2018: Fremont Coin Club Show, Elk's Hall off Mowry

​*August 12, 2018: Fairfield Coin Club Show, Community Center, Kentucky Dr.

​*September 6-8, 2018: Long Beach Coin Show, Convention Center

​*September 21-23, 2018: CoinExpo Santa Clara, Convention Center

Coin Show Promoters:

Please send us any / all information so we can advertise your show.

We're happy to do it!

Another great link for Northern California Shows is www.sanjosecoinclub.org .
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call Griffin Coins at 415-601-8661 


California Show Listing - 2017